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This site is to be a location where collaborative information can be shared, discussed and updated, for the benefit of a wide variety of persons whose lives intersect in some way with the world of Autism Spectrum Disorders.

It is intended that the information provided be of practical application, positive in nature, and focused on improving the quality of life in some way, for ALL PERSONS involved in this effort, but in a special way for families.

Nov 27, 2011

Weekly digest for November 21, 2011

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Penn State Tragedy a Reminder to Focus on the Voiceless 
by Autism Speaks
This post is by Bob and Suzanne Wright, Co-Founders of Autism Speaks.
The horribly tragic situation at Penn State University is a sobering reminder of what can happen when the powerless have no voice and powerful institutions have no one holding them accountable. It is the cause and effect result

Sep 10, 2011

New School year welcome!

Whether one week or two already, it is STILL a new year of adjustments for EVERYONE...not just the students!  So....think about the calm and order that will become the 'norm' in 6-10 weeks (depends on the age of your student and the size of the transition that may be underway).

In the meantime, I am posting today about

Aug 25, 2011

Welcome again!

Quick 'site-keeper notes'...
  • the 'header remarks' on the HOME page of the blog DO APPEAR on EACH of the other 6 you 'tab' to a new page, be sure to scroll down to get to the information you really want to see on that page!  
  • ALSO...PLEASE GO TO THE HOMEPAGE to do a "POST" or "COMMENT" for any item on any page.  This is how on-going discussions occur--content is on the subject pages--then you go back to the home page to 'write your own post' for us.

Aug 21, 2011

Share ideas...

Here's my own ad: 
New site, looking for followers...can be a parent or other extended family member, a teacher, a sibling, an Aspie, a school student, a doctor, or any 'interested other'...please consider sharing with this blog, any page, what positive idea or item it is that most has or does help with your life and experience as regards our common link--autism. 
I am eager to share, and awaiting comments and post replies before just filling up space with info I have accumulated and THINK is 'share-worthy'.  Will look forward to hearing from you!
Site author

Aug 14, 2011

Daily living section

There are some useful resource materials listed on the "Resources" page of this blog for the areas of "Eating" skills and "Toileting" skills.
If you are familiar with these, please post a comment.  If you want more info, post a question.  Then watch for replies!
If you are wanting to look at these, there are a couple options

Finding site easily...

It is important to GOOGLE the URL address; the Firefox browser has been most efficient.  
There are other browsers out there as well, but those who have contacted me about trying with Internet Explorer have all had negative results...
Since this is a site with POSITIVE vibes, try another way of arriving! 
Thanks, Kathi

Aug 11, 2011

Up and running...

Definitely a 'process' to learn to 'blog'!
However, I have finally gotten the site development established and can continue to add information to the blog now on a continuing, regular basis (weekly at least).  

HOWEVER, I have learned also, that a "blog" is a NEW CONCEPT to many!  So, in a few words, I will try to instruct